I know Dr. Dell’Acqua since 2002 and ever since we have been collaborating on different industrial projects particularly for the FMCG industry, when I was Vice President, Research and Development Director for La Prairie Group. Dr. Dell’Acqua is a smart-, innovative and very sincere scientist and scientific business man. He has the rare talent to grasp the essentials quickly and to translate key knowledge into new ideas- products or services. I had the pleasure to collaborate very closely with him for the US/Swiss brand La Prairie in the fields of cosmetics and “blue Skye” innovation. Dr. Dell’Acqua is a diligent and trustworthy scientist with a unique insight for biological sciences and its translation into applicable product and marketing ideas. His business acumen as well as sense for people of different background and education and races makes him an always great fellow to work with.
— Prof Sven Gohla Managing Director bei Matahari Technology Consulting – Previously VP, R&D La Prairie Group
Jenny Forrest